About Us

YHW_clear_bgWe are the Yo-He-Wah Nation Indian Princess of the Bear Creek Federation, serving Northeast Tarrant County (DFW area), Texas and surrounding communities like Flower Mound, Haslet, and many more!

Our program provides an environment where Fathers/Daughters can be “Friends Forever” through social events, such as our Sweetheart Banquet Father/Daughter dance, Christmas Party, NHR2O swim party, Texas Brahmas game, Rocket Day, Fishing Hole Day, and, most importantly, our fantastic camping trips.

Membership in the Yo-He-Wah Nation is available to Fathers and Daughters in Northern Tarrant County and surrounding areas.   The program includes Fathers with Daughters ages 4 and up, plus graduates of the program can earn their Red Feather and develop their leadership skills by acting as mentors for the younger princesses.  Red Feathers are awarded to 4th graders at the closing camp out with a special ceremony.

Fathers with Sons in this age group should visit the Wichita Nation Indian Guides website for our community at www.dfwguides.org. Fathers with Sons and Daughters in Collin County should visit the Tatanka Nation website. Fathers with daughters that have graduated from the Indian Princess program, or are looking for a program suited for girls older than the Indian Princess age group, should join our Eagle Feather program. Or Click Here for more information about Bear Creek Federation which provides common leadership and support for all of our nations and programs.

“At the beginning of her life, she will feel your love. At the end of her life, you will be on her mind. And what happens in between is up to you. Love her extraordinarily. This is the heart of great fathering.”