Patches, Vests and Indian Names


All fathers and daughters who attend a Nation Event receive a patch that commemorates the event and the year.  The patches can be applied to a vest as a keepsake for your daughter to remember all the special occasions she was able to spend with her Dad.




Fathers and daughters wear optional leather vests to indicate membership in Indian Princess (note some tribes wear vests made of felt or cloth).  Vests are worn to events, becoming more and more adorned with patches as the years pass.  Some keep their vests simple; others decorate them with beads and fringe. It’s up to you!

Vests should be sized with consideration for growth, especially for younger Princesses.  Leather vests and other Nation wear can be purchased at  G’s Custom Made.

Indian Names

Braves and Princesses will often choose an Indian Name that represents their personalities and character traits, and proudly display them on their vests.

Typical Verbs

Biting Brave Bright Broken Burning
Comet Flying Jupiter Stargazer Thunder
Raging Sleeping Dizzy Jumping Swift
Raging Dramatic Angry Soaring Running

Sample Names

Arrow Head Bear Claw Big Bear Big Brave Buffalo Big Buffalo
Big Fish Big Running Fox Big Thunder Big Trout Blazing Crocodile
Blue Fox Bow Hunter Brave Fox Brave Thunder Brave Tomahawk
Bright Arrow Bright Lightning Burning Arrow Burning Fire Canoe Rider
Cloud Dancing Coiled Snake Condor Crashing Wave Crazy Squirrel
Dune Runner Eagle Feather Fire Starter Fire Stick Hungry Bear
Hunting Hawk Little Shark Marehootie Mighty Oak Moon Ray
Night Spirit Radient Rainbow Raging Buffalo Raging Bull Road Runner
Roaring Tiger Rolling Rock Rolling Thunder Screaming Eagle Sharp Horned Buffalo
Sharp Spear Shining Dove Shining Owl Shooting Arrow Hunting Wolf
Indian Feather Jack Rabbit Jumping Deer Jumping Wolf Jupiter Thunder
Laughing Squirrel Leaping Fish Leaping Lizard Shooting Bull Laughing Hedgehog

Animals and their meanings

  • Alligator-Stealth, Survival
  • Ant-Patience, Diligence and Work
  • Antelope-Taking Action
  • Armadillo-Boundaries, Self Protection
  • Bat-Death and Rebirth on Personal, Spiritual Level
  • Bee-Service, Gathering, Community
  • Bird-Unity, Freedom, Community
  • Butterfly-Self Transformation, Balance, Grace
  • Bumblebee-Honesty, Pure Thinking, Willingness and Drive
  • Caribou-Travel and Mobility
  • Cougar- Power, Swiftness, Balance
  • Crane-Water, End of Summer, Migration
  • Cricket-Singing, Spring, Fertility
  • Crow-Sacred Law, Gateway To Supernatural, Shape Shifting, Illusion
  • Deer-Gentleness, Compassion and Kindness
  • Dog-Protection and Loyalty
  • Dolphin-Joy, Harmony, Intelligence, Self Connection
  • Dove-Love, Gentleness and Kindness
  • Dragonfly-Dreamtime, Illusion, Spring, Water
  • Dolphin-Life Force, Rhythm and Breath
  • Eagle-Spirit Connection to Higher Realms, Courage
  • Elk-Stamina, Pride, Power, Majesty
  • Feather-Spirit
  • Frog-Fluidity, Water and Rain, Cleansing and Tears
  • Goat-Tenacity, Diligence
  • Goose-Safe Return, Love of Home
  • Hawk-Strength, Foresight, Truth
  • Hedgehog-Self Preservation
  • Heron-Patience, Grace
  • Horse-Physical and Spiritual Power, Carrier Of Burdens
  • Hummingbird-Pure Love and Joy, Celebration of Life
  • Ladybug-Delight, Trust
  • Lion-Pride, Nobility, Cunning, Courage
  • Lizard-Dreaming, Foresight, Ancient Secrets
  • Loon-Peace, Tranquility, Generosity
  • Lynx-Keeper of Mystical Secrets
  • Moose-Self Esteem, Assertiveness
  • Mountain Lion-Wisdom and Balance in Leadership
  • Mouse-Scrutiny, Attention to Detail
  • Opossum -Strategy and Diversion
  • Otter-Earth and Water, Balanced Feminine Energy
  • Owl-Clairvoyance, Magic, Astral Projection
  • Parrot Feather-Bringer of Essential Rain and Seed
  • Peacock-Recognition, Self Assurance, Pride
  • Pelican-Abundance, Plenty
  • Pheasant-Warning, Concealment
  • Porcupine-Gentle Innocence and Trust
  • Rabbit-Fear, Overcoming Limiting Beliefs
  • Raccoon-Curiosity, Inquisitiveness
  • Raven-Bringer of Magic and Light, Creation and Knowledge
  • Roadrunner-Speed, Agility
  • Salmon-Dependability and Renewal
  • Sandpiper-Foraging, Scavenging, Quickness
  • Scorpion-Defense, Self Protection, Biting Truth
  • Seagull-Carefree Attitude, Versatility, Freedom
  • Seal-Inquisitiveness, Organization, Contentment
  • Snake-Transmutation, Life Cycles
  • Skunk-Reputation, Respect, Caution
  • Snail-Perseverance, Determination
  • Snake-Power, Life Force, Sexual Potency
  • Spider-Weaving, Symbolism
  • Swan-Grace, Surrender to the Universal Plan
  • Tadpole-Fertility and Renewal, Transformation
  • Turkey-Give Away, Sacrifice of Self and Others
  • Turtle-Mother Earth, Protection
  • Weasel-Stealth, Information Gathering
  • Whale-Historical Record Keeper, Traveler, Guardian
  • Wolf-Teacher of New Ideas and Wisdom, Intense Loyalty with Balance of Independence
  • Woodpecker-Change, Persistence
  • Badger-Aggressiveness, Passion and Drive
  • Beaver-Building, Accomplishing Goals
  • Buffalo-Abundance, Survival Needs Met, Good Fortune, Healing
  • Coyote- “The Trickster” , Humor, Charm, Folly of Self-Deception and Survival
  • Firefly-Communication, Illumination
  • Fish-Water, Current, Flow of Life From the Earth
  • Fox-Camouflage, Adaptability and Integration !!

Symbolic Meanings

  • Arrowhead-Represents Alertness.
  • Buffalo Horns-Symbol of Success.
  • Cactus Flower-Means courtship and romance.
  • Corn-Symbol of Life. It is the mainstay for many tribes. Corn pollen and cornmeal is offered in blessing for
    protection, understanding, and forgiveness.
  • Corn Maiden-Gave the corn of her own body to feed her family so they would not have to hunt the beloved
    animals. After she passed on she was reborn in the corn stalks and provided the seeds which continued to provide
    food for all.
  • Feather-Sacred universal symbol of flight within the spirit world and serving as messenger to Great Spirit. Feathers Fanned into a Circle-Related to the Sun and The Creator.
  • Flowers-Symbolize a relationship to the sun.
  • Handprint-Symbol of a human’s life, achievements and legacy, the creative spirit, channeled energy.
  • Kachina-A Kachina can be a force of nature such as life, death, fire, flood, or the spirit of a revered ancestor, and the dancer at a ceremony.
  • Lasso-Symbol of Captivity.
  • Man in the Maze-Tohono O’odham symbol of life cycles and choice, and eternal motion with the goal of achieving harmony. The man is named “U’ki’ut’l”.
  • Mask-Symbol of a human’s animal spirit and prayer to sacred deities.
  • Medicine Bag-Vessel containing herbs, remedies, and or stones necessary for healing and protection.
  • Moon-Earth Protector and Guardian in Night
  • Morning Star-Honored as Kachina by most Pueblo tribes, sign of courage and purity of spirit.
  • Music-Ritual of communication with Great Spirit with the singer’s Life Breath. A method of settling disputes between tribes.
  • Name-Given, taken away, and changed at life defining events in one’s life. Holds power of the individual thus given and spoken with respect and caution.
  • Peyote-Psychedelic button of the peyote cactus used in religious ceremony to induce spiritual vision and connectedness with higher realms.
  • Pipe-Used in negotiations of peace and war, to offer sacred tobacco smoke to the four directions, and in religious ceremony.
  • Plants and Herbs-Represent essentials for survival including food, tools, basketry, and healing.
  • Prayer Stick-Carved and painted cottonwood or cedar sticks decorated with feathers and images for a specific prayer, planted at sacred sites to send prayers to The Creator or to The Kachinas.
  • Rain Cloud-Symbol of change, renewal, and fertility.
  • Rattle-Ceremonial songs are accompanied with rattles which are often used to represent the characteristic sounds of animals and nature.
  • Saddle Bag-Represents a journey.
  • Shell-Served as Wampum (money) in trade. Used in decoration of traditional dress and jewelry, as essential utensils of cooking, gathering water, and digging.
  • Shield-Warrior’s most sacred possession from time of first battle until death. The design would be received in a dream by an elder who would then make the shield for the new warrior.
  • Spiral Pattern-Whirlwinds, cycles of life, eternal renewal and water essential for life.
  • Squash Blossom-Symbol of plenty, abundance.
  • Steps Pattern-Represent Kiva steps or clouds, direction and change.
  • Sun-Earth Guardian in Day, Healing Energy
  • Sun Face-Giver of life, warmth, growth, goodness.
  • Tomahawk-Hatchet-like object used in ceremony and war. Often showed carvings of owners life events. As recognized in trade as the ‘Indian blanket’.
  • Totem-Representing guardian spirits of an individual, family or tribe.
  • Totem Pole-Northwest tribal tradition, could be exterior and interior pole. Exterior often a memorial for deceased family member or a monument to the bearer’s wealth and status, that of his family, and the deities connected with his family. Interior totem poles often recorded family legends and history serving as a family tree.
  • Wave Pattern-Water and cycles of life, renewal and water element essential for life.
  • Zia-Symbol of the Zia Pueblo, also represents the sun, the four directions, and the circle of of life.
  • Yeii Spirit-Navajo irit considered to be a communicator between Man and The Creator. Yeiis control the natural