12919613_10208689627618731_2820581166905236010_nWeather permitting, there are five scheduled campouts each year.

Opening Campout
What better way to start off the new year than with a campout! Includes a bonfire and welcome ceremony for our new Braves (Dads) and Princesses (Daughters) into the Mighty Yo-He-Wah Nation. In addition there are Nation games on Saturday and an awards and chapel service on Sunday.

Fall Campout
Nothing better than camping in the fall.  Tribes will often bring pumpkins to decorate, a Nation Bonfire to get your best “Thriller” Dance moves on, and a tribe or two will host some haunted campsites.  In addition some tribes will host cooking and property contests.  Nation games and an awards and chapel service on Sunday.

Winter CampoutIMG_4266
Usually scheduled in late February or Early March to avoid too much Texas “Winter”. The Nation Games and awards ceremony are postponed on this trip.  Why you may ask?  The Natural Rocks and trails are too amazing to miss out.  This is a great time for the tribes to adventure out and check out the amazing rocks at Mineral Wells State Park.  Instead of a bonfire, a Nation Movie with Popcorn and Hot Chocolate is the perfect way to finish the day.

Spring Campout
By far the best time of year to camp in Texas is in the spring.  The flowers and raccoons are always out in full force for this campout. Nation games, cooking and property contests, awards ceremony and chapel are back on.

IMG_3499Family Campout
We save the best for last! Bring the whole family to experience an Indian Princess campout.  Mom’s we know you enjoyed 4 other weekends to yourself, but now it’s your turn to “rough” it. In addition to Nation Games, a closing campfire for our 4th graders who have graduated to Red Feather is a special ceremony you don’t want to miss.



So what is involved in Camping?

IMG_5530All campouts are at State Parks or similar facilities that have bathrooms with showers, and each campsite is equipped with hookups including electricity and water.  Usually we have 300+ people attend a campout and can take up most of any park, and encompass two or more camping loops.  Tribes are assigned anywhere from 2 to 10 adjacent campsites depending on the number of members or trailers that will be in attendance for the weekend.  Due to the sheer volume of campsites we require, we ask 2~4 tents to share a campsite.  Each tribe is ran independently as far as how food, cooking, and cleaning is handled however most have a trailer stocked full of cooking equipment, coffee makers and other essentials for “roughing” it.  Check out the First Time Camping Advice from a Tribe Elder or our Camping Checklist for more details on what to bring.