Honor Tribe

The coveted Honor Tribe Patch and Banner is awarded to tribes who exhibit excellence throughout the year. To qualify for Honor Tribe, each tribe must complete the following:

  • Perform a Community Service Project (10 Points)
  • Sponsor or Co-Sponsor a Nation Event (10 Points)
  • A Tribe Representative must be present for 8 out of 10 Longhouse Meetings (10 Points)
  • The Chief or Assistant Chief must submit the Honor Tribe Form to the Nation Drumbeater before the cut-off date of each quarter (10 Points)
  • Be awarded an additional 60+ Points of optional tasks (see form for more details)

2017-2018 Honor Tribe Form

Download the form, update the points, and email it to the Nation Drumbeater by the following dates: October 20th, December 20th, February 20th, and April 15th.

Honor Tribe Rankings

Crow 208 points
Pawnee 177 points
Cheyenne 171 points
Hopi 171 points
Lakota 151 points
Ojibway 147 points
Shawnee 135 points
Shoshoni 132 points
Blackfeet 127 points
Zuni 127 points
Potawatomi 126 points
Cree 125 points
Tejas 125 points
Chippewa 113 points
Kiowa 108 points
Choctaw 107 points
Creek 35 points
Caddo 10 points
Arapaho 0 points