Honor Tribe

The coveted Honor Tribe Patch and Banner is awarded to tribes who exhibit excellence throughout the year. To qualify for Honor Tribe, each tribe must complete the following:

  • Perform a Community Service Project (10 Points)
  • Sponsor or Co-Sponsor a Nation Event (10 Points)
  • A Tribe Representative must be present for 8 out of 10 Longhouse Meetings (10 Points)
  • The Chief or Assistant Chief must submit the Honor Tribe Form to the Nation Drumbeater before the cut-off date of each quarter (10 Points)
  • Be awarded an additional 60+ Points of optional tasks (see form for more details)

2017-2018 Honor Tribe Form

Download the form, update the points, and email it to the Nation Drumbeater by the following dates: October 20th, December 20th, February 20th, and April 15th.

Honor Tribe Rankings

Cheyenne 2 points
Choctaw 2 points
Cree 2 points
Kiowa 2 points
Ojibway 2 points
Potawatomi 2 points
Tejas 2 points
Arapaho 0 points
Blackfeet 0 points
Caddo 0 points
Chippewa 0 points
Creek 0 points
Crow 0 points
Hopi 0 points
Lakota 0 points
Pawnee 0 points
Shawnee 0 points
Shoshoni 0 points
Zuni 0 points